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Hiring Info.

Company history
Hiring Info.

Projected hiring for 2014

Positions open Career positions
Number of new hires 3–5
Starting salary Actual figures
200,000 yen
Allowances Executive allowance, overseas allowance, family allowance, workplace allowance, travel allowance, meal allowance
Bonus Twice a year (Feb,Jul)
Work hours 09:00–17:30
Holidays Five-day work week, public holidays, end-of the-year vacation (5 days)
Summer vacation (1 day), congratulatory or condolence leave, paid holidays (10 days for the first year and 11 in successive years)
Benefits Varied: social insurance, employee pension, retirement package, living expense loans, home ownership loans (home financing loans), asset-building savings plan, employee stock ownership, Travel subsidy
Potential workplaces Main Office (Kurume), Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Branch Office, Kitakyushu Branch Office, Tokuyama Office, Himeji Office, or foreign offices


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