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Tatsuya Tanaka
President and CEO
Tanaka Ai Co., Ltd.
We truly appreciate you visiting the website of Tanaka Ai Co., Ltd. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us to become the company we are today.
Our firm began with trade in ai (a natural dye) for Kurume kasuri (fabric with a splashed pattern) in 1887 in the City of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, and we have responded to our customers with thoughts of service and appreciation predicated on a dictum of “With our customers, for our customers.” We have enjoyed growing with the area and thanks to everyone who has helped us over the 120-odd years of our history we are who we are today, Tanaka Ai Co., Ltd.
With the changing times, we have fundamentally re-examined what a trading company should be and do. We at Tanaka Ai Co., Ltd. will strive to serve our customers best so that we can truly meet their needs.

In the future, we will
1) Expand out business through close ties to the community with closely tailored customer service in mind starting here in Kyushu, our birthplace
2) Expand our business worldwide with a focus on Asia

With these 2 major goals in mind, everyone here at Tanaka Ai Co., Ltd. will work to serve our customers best, so we look forward to your continuing support.

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